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Company break solutions: Re-energize, Re-focus, Relax

More and more employers are now embracing break out areas and flex space in their site plans. As designers, manufacturers and break out area interior suppliers, we create unique spaces for informal meetings, areas for employees to get away from screen time or just a general break and refreshment pitstop. These areas have evolved and can quite easily accommodate a variety of vending machines and catering equipment.

Exciting, Unique and Relaxing Spaces

By designing exciting and unique recreational spaces, break out areas can help reduce employee stress, increase productivity, promote healthier office relationships and contribute towards employee wellbeing.

Custom Made to Suit Your Specific Needs

Nebrak can integrate all our break out features into a comfortable, practical design that is on-brand and to your budget. Include vending furniture, meeting booths, coffee huts or chill pods with accessories to compliment – we can even source and supply plant schemes. Every break out area is custom made so don’t forget you can style and brand it as you please. Consider adding wheels to our pods and cubes so you can arrange your space according to use, time of day or whim!

Going Hybrid?

Create a seamless flow in your office space, increase employee experience with inspiring environments, save time and money on estate management and future proof your organisation in the era of hybrid working with a breakout area, flex space or work hub. Incorporate one of our Refreshment Destination or Micro market furniture solutions into your design for a turnkey project.

From the very first meeting, everything is dealt with in-house.  We believe this forms a trusting partnership that ensures you get an exceptional product best suited to your needs.

From conception, we will engage and collaborate with you, devising and creating a strategy for transforming your offering.  We will be there to advise, update and answer any questions throughout the process. 

Our skilled joiners work with the best materials and products and with the added expertise of our deft designers and installation professionals, we believe we have a winning team of break out area interior suppliers

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