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Company break solutions: Re-energize, Re-focus, Relax

More and more employers are now embracing break out areas and flex space in their site plans. As designers, manufacturers and break out area interior suppliers, we create unique spaces for informal meetings, areas for employees to get away from screen time or just a general break and refreshment pitstop. These areas have evolved and can quite easily accommodate a variety of vending machines, catering equipment and even micro markets.

Foster a Fluid Workplace Experience

Create a seamless flow in your office space or workplace setting, increase employee experience with inspiring environments, save time and money on estate management and future-proof your organisation in the era of hybrid working with a breakout area, wellbeing zone, or work hub.

Unlock Efficiency in Estate Management

Streamline your estate management processes and economise both time and resources by embracing a forward-thinking approach to workspace design. Create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, allowing your employees to thrive in an environment that seamlessly aligns with the demands of contemporary work styles.

Future-Proof Your Organisation

Embrace the future of work with strategic design choices that cater to the demands of hybrid working models. By incorporating breakout areas, wellbeing zones, or dedicated work hubs, you’re not just creating a workspace; you’re future-proofing your organisation. This adaptability ensures that your office remains a dynamic and engaging hub, irrespective of evolving work trends.

Turnkey Solutions for Effortless Implementation

Opt for a turnkey project approach to effortlessly bring your vision to life. Our Refreshment Destination and Micro Market furniture solutions seamlessly integrate into your design, offering a comprehensive and cohesive solution for your workplace needs. This turnkey approach not only simplifies the implementation process but also ensures a unified and polished outcome.

Expertise Unleashed: Joiners, Designers, Installation Professionals

As your dedicated break-out area interior suppliers, we pride ourselves on being not just providers of products but partners in your journey toward creating inspiring and functional spaces. Trust us to transform your ideas into reality, with a winning team that ensures the success of your project from start to finish. Every break out area or wellbeing zone is custom designed to suit your needs. This means you can style and brand it as you please. Why not add wheels to our pods and cubes so you can arrange your space according to use, time of day, or whim!

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