Refreshment Destinations

The Changing Workplace

The growth in hybrid working, flex space, hub & spoke offices, company break out solutions, repurposing of employee canteens and food-to-go convenience vending have created new opportunities for vending operators, where micro markets aren’t a viable option.

Refreshment Expectations Have Been Raised

Premium Vending concepts have grown in popularity with seismic shifts in consumer behaviour and technological advances.

Gone are the days of stand-alone machines, expectations have been raised and so has revenue potential.

Operators and food and drink brands are looking at innovative, exciting ways to deliver and leverage their offer. Facilities managers and businesses are figuring out how they adapt their catering services to the hybrid working model. To meet this new need, we have designed the Refreshment Destination: A food and drink experience.

4 New Vending Furniture Solutions

In April 2022 we launched four new designs demonstrating our commitment to innovation and growth within the vending sector.

Each furniture solution offers the opportunity to provide refreshments and hot food in an equipment configuration that best suits demand and the environment.

Meet The Original, The Integra, The Classy and The Elite…

Create a True Refreshment Destination

Our 4 designs above are just the beginning. Why? Because we are skilled in the design, manufacture and installation of catering interiors and break out areas/flex spaces. This means that we can totally transform your space with an unrivalled turnkey solution with your vending furniture as the star attraction. By utilising your space effectively, we can create a uniquely functional, attractive and revenue-enhancing refreshment destination.

Customise Your Offer

Configure and customise your offer. The Classy and The Elite are designed to house your vending machine or smart fridge too. We can even integrate payment systems and card readers providing a seamless, convenient and secure unattended retail experience.

Choose from 300+ colours and finishes, branding, graphics and energy-saving LED lighting options to stand out or compliment existing interiors.

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