What makes a good exhibition stand? 5 tips

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Tip 1: Be bold and creative with your exhibition stand design

Ultimately, an exhibition event boils down to a battle for attention. Fortune often favours the brave, with those exhibitors willing to break convention attracting the most attention.

There is no magic formula we can give you for what makes a good exhibition stand, but getting a team together, and giving yourself sufficient time to play with ideas will stand you in good stead.

Some of the questions you could ask yourselves are:

  • Is it worth investing in a bold centrepiece to add that ‘wow’ factor?
  • What colour scheme will appeal to our audience?
  • What textures could we incorporate to set us apart?
  • Do we need a bespoke exhibition stand or will a modular stand be sufficient?
  • Can we play with the shape of our exhibition stand?
  • What options are there with sound and lighting?
  • Can we add an interactive element with games, videos, AR or VR technology?

We have written several companion posts about what makes a good exhibition stand stand out from the rest, so be sure to check those out.

Tip 2: Prioritise good quality construction

Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time and budget on fancy design while cutting corners on construction.

People are more likely to forgive a basic but good quality stand than they are an extravagant stand that looks like it’s going to collapse at any minute.

Every element of your exhibition stand design should be given equal weight to guarantee a positive reception.

All Nebrak exhibition stands are built to a high specification. Make sure you visit our exhibition stand page to see the options available.

Tip 3: Approach exhibition stand design from your audience’s viewpoint

What makes a good exhibition stand for one group of people will be a complete turn off for another.

As an example, imagine your main audience are young teens. If you set up an exhibition stand with loud music, flashing LEDs, VR games and edgy graphics, you might be an instant hit.

However, if you also sell products to middle class retirees, you can expect this demographic to give you a wide berth.

Before making any concrete decisions, always ask yourself, “How will our target audience react to this.”

Tip 4: Think carefully about your event team

Success at an exhibition event is often as much about the people representing a business as it is about the exhibition stand.

There is little point having the most enthralling stand at the event if you are unable to engage with the people visiting it. If you are going for loud and lively, have someone with an upbeat personality representing you. If you are creating a calm, relaxing space, don’t spoil it with annoying hard sell tactics.

Tip 5: Be consistent

You will naturally follow the tips above if you approach an expo with brand consistency top of mind. The best exhibitors bring together design, build quality, user experience and personal skills and combine them into a coherent whole.

The best way to achieve consistency is to work with an exhibition partner that can provide a turnkey service, supporting you all the way from finalising your initial concept to installing your finished exhibition stand.

Nebrak have been operating in the exhibition space for more than three decades. We provide everything you need to make your next expo a success:

  • Planning and consultation services
  • 3D modelling using the latest technology
  • Graphic design studio
  • Material sourcing and supply
  • High spec installation

Tying these diverse aspects together is what makes a good exhibition stand great!

Visit our dedicated exhibition stand page for more details.

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