6 creative ideas for your exhibition stand

Everyone wants to make an impression at an industry expo, but it can be tough to get it right. How big should your stand be? What graphics do you need? How about video and animations? Here are six creative ideas for exhibition stands that should help get your juices flowing.

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1. Think beyond size

There’s no doubt that huge exhibition stands often make an impact, but that doesn’t mean that smaller stands are any less impressive. Rather than focusing on size, think about the atmosphere you want to create. Some gigantic exhibition stands can be overwhelming and even intimidating to visitors. A small, intimate space might actually convert more visitors to leads.

You should also think about the flow of people through the exhibition space and your ability to interact with them. For example, you could lose track of potential leads if you are trying to patrol a complex three sides open design while limited to one or two representatives.

If you do decide to ‘go large’ but are worrying about how your stand will fit into smaller venues, consider a modular design. This will allow you to adapt the shape and size of your display to any venue.

2. Spice up your graphics and lettering

It is amazing how a few simple techniques can transform a dull exhibition stand into something more visually inspiring. Replacing flat, printed text with solid 3D lettering or installing LED lighting behind graphics are just two creative ideas for exhibition stands that pop.

3. Make creative use of empty space

The best graphic designers and architects know that empty space can be a powerful design element in its own right. Space can be used to separate different areas of an exhibition stand, helping people to find what they are looking for. Empty space can also create calm zones that help visitors to relax, putting them in a more receptive state.

4. Explore ideas around lighting

The creative use of lighting can make a huge improvement to any exhibition stand. Think about both ambient lighting (the general lighting in the exhibition venue) and artificial illumination.

Crisp white and cold lighting can be great for companies showcasing health or hygiene related products. It gives an impression of cleanliness and transparency. On the other hand, warm, dim mood lighting can make visitors feel relaxed and cared for, ideal if you are promoting personal services such as massage or shoe fitting.

From coloured spotlights to flowing chandeliers, some of the most creative ideas for exhibition stands revolve around the use of light.

5. Moving images

Humans are hard-wired to notice movement. Combine this with the increasing presence of online videos and it is easy to see why incorporating moving images is one of the most effective creative ideas for exhibition stands. Consider creating a bespoke video or animated sequence for your display.

If you really want to deliver an immersive experience, look into opportunities to add elements of augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR).

6. Beyond the expo: social sharing

Social media has exploded in recent years, so it is important for exhibitors to think about how their message can be shared beyond the four walls of the exhibition centre.

At a minimum, make sure that all of your social media profiles are prominently displayed in graphics and marketing collateral. To increase exposure on the day, get active on your social media accounts. Find out what hashtags are being used for the event and join the conversation.

While on the subject of sharing, don’t forget to talk to other exhibitors. Keep your eyes and mind open for other people’s creative ideas for exhibition stands.

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From vision to reality

Even the most creative ideas for exhibition stands will amount to nothing without professional execution. Nebrak have over 30 years of experience in designing, building and installing exhibition stands. We also offer a breakdown and re-purposing service. With 3D rendering and CAD design capability, together with impeccable execution, we can provide the ultimate turnkey solution for exhibitors in any industry.

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