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Level Up Your Vending Offer

Vending has evolved. Opportunities for vending operators have never been greater. From incredible technological advances in payment systems, touchless anti-microbial screens and smart fridges to shifts in consumer behaviour and demand for healthier food options, these are exciting times in vending.

Vending operators are putting the consumer at the core of what they do, just like us. The aim is to create refreshment destinations that offer an experience like many trusted high-street food and beverage brands – just in the workplace. Gone are the days of stand-alone machines, expectations have been raised and as a result so has revenue potential. Even our award-winning Operandi vending surround can be built inclusive of premium vending elements.

Nebrak Operandi Vending Surrounds

Successful Collaborations

Premium vending concepts are growing in popularity. Collaborations between technology providers, vending equipment and food & beverage brands have leveraged their offer in the marketplace. The growth in flex space, hybrid working, hub & spoke offices, company break solutions, repurposing of employee canteens and food-to-go convenience vending have created new opportunities where micro markets aren’t a viable option.

In addition to housing numerous configurations of catering equipment and vending machines our premium furniture offers stylised lighting options, heat and go stations, water and sink points, sanitisation, integrated litter chutes and recycling bays using premium finishes with custom branding and accessories.

Vending Furniture Collaborations

Coffee Experiences

Cafe culture doesn’t just exist on the high street anymore, it’s in the office too! Barista style, bean to cup and fresh milk coffee and hot beverage vending machines offer a premium cup without the hassle of leaving the workplace. We can design furniture to suit your range of equipment, site requirements and environment whilst maintaining brand consistency and customer experience.

Our coffee machine furniture will showcase any machine.  As a vending operator, your offer becomes a destination, enticing users and increasing revenue.  Facilities and office managers can create an enviable refreshment service that’s easily maintained and valued by employees.

Customise Your Offer

Configure and customise your offer to suit the needs of your clients or settings. Litter chutes, cup dispensers, sanitisers and microwave bays are popular elements of premium vending furniture. We can even integrate payment systems and card readers providing a seamless, functional and secure solution. The inclusion of a Break Out Area can further enhance your space.

Choose from 300+ finishes, a vast selection of cabinet hardware, the option to brand, add graphics, include lighting and personalise with finishing touches to create maximum impact or compliment existing interiors.

Nebrak Premium Vending

Peace of Mind

We will advise and guide you on the best solution/s for your project, optimising space, housing your equipment, layout and ergonomics. We will talk through every aspect of your proposal including CAD and 3D visualisations. Our in-house project management team will ensure a smooth and timely installation that works to your budget.

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