Micro markets: The Nebrak System

Bring the High Street to the Workplace with a Micro market

Micro markets bring the high street experience to the workplace. The end-user experiences an abundance of refreshment solutions, hot and cold without having to leave site.

Award-winning Micro Market Design

We have a wealth of experience in the survey, design, manufacture and installation of these areas and can manufacture them to suit your needs, facilitate staff productivity and enhance your vending offer.

You configure your micro market system with as many elements as you need. Choose from retail shelving, dairy decks and closed chillers, fridges and freezers, microwave units, coffee, water, and payment bays.

The beauty of this self-service supermarket lies in the custom modular design.  You choose how to arrange your equipment and display your SKUs to optimise your offer.

The Micro market system by Nebrak

Employee Wellbeing in a 24/7 Society

Micro markets are the solution for transforming your catering offer for today’s 24/7 society. Include our branding, signage and ancillary options and you’ll truly receive a next level unattended retail solution. .

Award-winning Micro markets

In 2019 we were delighted to be awarded ‘Best Micro Market Service’ by Associated Vending Services (AVS) recognising our commitment and work in this rapidly growing sector. Since then, we have successfully collaborated on new conceptual micro market projects and have provided solutions for leading food and drink brands in partnership with the best technology providers.

2022 saw us win ‘Best Micro Market Service’ again, confirming that we are well and truly invested in this unattended retail solution.

Designed to Meet Demand

Unrivalled Service

From the very first meeting, everything is dealt with in-house.  We believe this forms a trusting partnership that ensures you get an exceptional product best suited to your needs. From conception, we will engage and collaborate with you, devising and creating a strategy for transforming your vending offer.

Our skilled joiners work with the best materials and products and with the added expertise of our deft designers and installation professionals, we believe we have a winning team.

For more information on the aesthetics and branding of your micro markets visit our Design & Installation page. If this unattended retail concept is not for your offer, consider our Premium Vending furniture solutions.

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