Operandi Modular Vending Surrounds

The 'Go-To' Vending Surround

Our Operandi modular vending surrounds have established themselves as an industry favourite.  The name comes from the Latin ‘Modus Operandi’ meaning ‘a usual way of doing something special’ and is exclusive to Nebrak.

Fits all Types of Vending Equipment

Operators love the Operandi system as it accommodates all types of vending machines, microwaves and equipment. It’s the perfect modular system and one of the best vending surrounds available to house your bank of machines.

Robust Build Withstands Vandalism

The anodised aluminium post is stylish and tough. It easily withstands everyday use, unwelcome vandalism and unsolicited movement. It houses your machines attractively, safely and securely, prevents your machines from ‘walking’ and has the added benefit of being fully recyclable.

Eye-catching Colours and Finishes

With a standard height of 2.17m, we manufacture your Operandi from medium density or laminated fibreboard using Nebrak’s extensive range of colours and eye-catching finishes. Our in-house design team will print any client graphics on panels – it’s a favourite due to the ability to maximise brand impact and appeal whilst housing as many machines as you want (max. span is 3 machines between posts). Alternatively, commission our design team to create branding and point-of-sale artwork for you, we’re skilled at knowing what works.

Operandi Lite

Opt for our Operandi ‘Lite’ when space is at a premium. Using the same high-quality components but omitting posts during the design process. We can make Operandi span up to 3 machines for a sleek, seamless and continuous look for banks of vending machines. Not only does the Operandi Lite offer a highly cost-effective vending surround solution but the turnaround and installation are quicker too.

Operandi Canopy

Make your vending surround ‘pop’ with the addition of our Operandi Canopy.  Shape and style is up to you, we will guide with our experience and knowledge.  A canopy is an easy and effective way of increasing the impact of your vending offering. Include an optional lighting unit and you will definitely stand out from the competition.

Made in Britain

The Operandi modular vending system is made in Britain. We design and manufacture all aspects of your project in-house at our factory, and installation is undertaken by our own professional team who know the brief and product inside out.

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