Modular Exhibition Stand Design

Fresh Ideas, Familiar Quality

Our Modular Exhibition Stand design, such as the global leading Octanorm, creates the perfect exhibition stand for companies that are always striving to be noticed.

Cost-effective and Flexible

A modular exhibition stand system or shell scheme is a popular solution. It allows you to refresh design with new graphics, shapes and sizes to create a different look or personalised space for each exhibition without the need to change the stand providing a cost-effective high-quality alternative for companies that attend multiple exhibitions and venues with restricted ceiling heights and limited floor space.

Functional Attractive Space to Conduct Business

We are designers of interiors, so naturally have the expertise and eye for producing stand furniture and base units for equipment, display and storage. Ask us about our fully immersive bespoke stand solutions to up your game or compliment your modular exhibition stand design.

Our Modular Exhibition Stands

We design and manufacture modular exhibition stand systems. Making it possible to refresh your look or layout for each exhibition without the need to change the stand.

We offer a wide range of modular exhibition stands to suit your brand or product, your budget and your available space.

Where possible we use sustainable, eco-friendly materials and are committed to environmental protection and energy conservation.

Experts In Our Field

We are experts in designing interior stand solutions, with experience working on stand design projects around the world. And we offer bespoke stand solutions which can transform any space.

Our Graphic Designers can incorporate your brand logo or designs or happy to  produce artwork to fit within your brand.

If you are interested in find ing out more then our friendly team would be delighted to have a free no obligation chat.

We treat every contract small or large, diligently and with respect. We always comply and follow best practices, from design to materials, manufacture to installation.

Nebrak is totally committed to durability, reliability and quality with client collaboration and customer care at the core of what we do, making us a leading choice for your modular exhibition stand design.

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