How much does an office coffee vending machine cost?

How much does an office coffee vending machine cost? On the surface, this seems a simple question but, as this post explains, there are several factors to consider before we can get an accurate answer. We look at the main two.

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How much does an office coffee vending machine cost?

If you have ever Googled, ‘How much does an office coffee vending machine cost?’ you will have likely found more questions than answers.

That’s because first, there are many different types of coffee vending machine on the market, and second, you can choose from several different pricing models.

Let’s go through these.

Different types of coffee vending machine

You might have a certain type of coffee machine in your mind when researching options, but even before you can think about brand and model, there are different types of coffee machines – each with its own range of price points.

For example, are you interested in a tabletop, free-standing or bean-to-cup coffee machine?

Tabletop coffee vending machines tend to be less expensive than free-standing units, with the added bonus of being easier to fit when space is restricted. Many tabletop coffee machines also enable cups to be re-used, unlike most free-standing machines which use disposable cups.

Free-standing machines are often most suitable for high volume outlets as they have a lot of capacity.

Bean-to-cup machines are another popular type of coffee vending machine that cater for people who prefer freshly ground coffee. Office coffee solutions are one of the biggest growth markets for barista-style coffee, many offering fresh milk and soya or oat options to cater for the demand in dairy-free milk alternatives.

Coffee machines also vary in terms of energy consumption. Some need to be plugged in continuously which can have a big impact on your energy bills.

Coffee machine purchasing options

Another issue with the question, ‘How much does an office coffee vending machine cost?’ is that the answer depends on what purchasing options are available to you.

To simplify things, there are generally three pricing models that vending machine providers work with.

  • Outright purchase
  • Rental
  • Lease

The first option is the simplest route but has the largest capital cost. Not only are you paying for the coffee machine itself, you are also responsible for handling the stock and maintenance.

The second option is where you have the machine installed in your premises and pay the owner a weekly or monthly amount. Vending machine rental offers more flexibility than other pricing models since it is much easier to change machines and suppliers.

While coffee machine rental is easier on the budget, you will never own the machine.

Leasing is a popular model whereby you pay for the machine in instalments over a period of time (usually three to five years). Monthly costs will usually be lower than the equivalent rental charge and these are allowable business expenses for tax purposes (please check this with your accountant first, though!) However, you will end up paying more for the machine than if you had bought it outright.

Stock and maintenance

When budgeting for a coffee vending machine, you should think carefully about who will be responsible for stocking the machine and providing regular maintenance.

If you buy a machine outright, you may still want to consider a managed vending service to take care of this for you. Or, you may prefer to outsource maintenance but take care of the stock yourself.

If you are serving customers, as well as office staff, you may find a company willing to enter into a joint venture agreement. Perhaps they will provide the machine for free and pay you a commission on product sales.

Nebrak Coffee Vending Furniture

Factoring in coffee vending machine furniture

Another aspect of vending machines that people often forget to think about when asking, ‘How much does an office coffee vending machine cost?’ is how the machine will look as part of the office environment.

Everything in your office space, especially if you invite customers or clients inside, is a part of your company brand. Rather than spending all of your budget on a smart looking, high end coffee machine, you can invest in vending furniture designed to fully integrate your coffee machine into your brand and the space available.

Once you’ve got a basic idea of the type of coffee vending machine you want in your office, take a look at our range of coffee base units and towers for inspiration. coffee machine towers, units and stations

To meet the growing demand for turnkey office refreshment solutions we have introduced the refreshment destination concept. A premium vending furniture solution. House your coffee machine, alongside a smart tap, refrigeration and heating equipment for a neat company break solution.

We work with the UK’s leading coffee vending operators and are members of NIVO. If you are still feeling a little bamboozled, we are more than happy to help you navigate the options available. Our friends at Absolute Drinks recently published a guide ‘How To Choose Your Perfect Coffee Machine’ which you may also find helpful.

Give us a call or email and we will be delighted to assist you in making the most of your office and refreshment space.

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