How to design exhibition booth graphics

Position and content

If you’ve limited experience in how to design exhibition booth displays, you may not have thought much about the spatial arrangement of your graphics. The 3D space available for positioning your graphics is known as your ‘graphical real estate’, and it is good practice to leave 40% of it clear of any graphics to avoid a cluttered look. The ideal height of your graphics is between three and four feet from the ground.

The content and appearance of your graphics should be consistent with your branding, so that expo visitors will instantly recognise you, and know what you’re about, whether they connect with you in the high street, on the Internet or via your marketing materials.

Colour and lighting

Naturally, use of colour is a major consideration when deciding how to design exhibition booth graphics. If your business publishes formal brand guidelines, you will obviously use your brand palette when designing signage and artwork. At the same time, think about the overall feel you want to convey.

For example, if your brand colours are orange, white and blue, you could use an orange backdrop for a more warm, personable feel. If you would prefer to create a more formal, corporate aesthetic, you could opt for a white backdrop with blue and orange detailing.

For those businesses without a brand palette, it is worth considering consulting with a branding agency before designing any visuals for your stand.

We could write a whole article on how to design exhibition booth lighting, because there are countless possibilities. From subtle display cabinet uplighting to LED signage to ornate crystal chandeliers, anything is possible.

It is important to remember that there will be some ambient light to work with in addition to any lights you may bring yourself. Visiting the location ahead of time, if you can, is a good strategy as you can get an idea of how light or dark the space is.

Troy Exhibition GraphicsShape, texture and movement

Creative exhibition stand designers look beyond straight edges, flat lettering and static artwork.

Could you incorporate curves or irregular polygons into your signage or furniture? Are you able to make letters or objects pop by rendering them in 3D? What materials might make an impact: etched vinyl? Recycled timber? Plush fabrics?

Rather than displaying your product as an image, could you loop a high-res video? Perhaps you could create an app with augmented reality (AR) tech so that visitors can interact with virtual characters at your booth. You could even explore creating a full virtual reality (VR) experience.

Social impact

Having put in considerable effort to design an eye-catching exhibition stand, why hide your light under a bushel? Social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are designed to instantly share visual content across social networks, so if you’re proud of your booth, encourage visitors to take selfies in front of it. You might be surprised at how far your brand will travel.

Incorporating hashtags into your artwork will give you a modern look and enable you to be part of trending conversations. The expo itself is likely to be using specific marketing hashtags, so make sure you include these in any posts you share.

Free graphic design from Nebrak

For expert guidance on how to design exhibition booth graphics, contact Nebrak. If you are interested in handing over the responsibility of designing your exhibition booth, we offer a turn-key exhibition stand service, complete with in-house graphic design studio. What’s more, graphic design services are provided free of charge as part of the deal.

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