How to make your exhibition stand out

how to make your exhibition stand out

Are you attending a trade show or expo in the near future? Are you unsure how to make your exhibition stand out amongst the competition? This article includes some useful tips for unlocking your creative potential and designing a space guaranteed to turn heads.

Planning and research

The number one factor in creating a memorable and successful exhibition is collaborative planning. Assemble an exhibition team and explore the various options open to you within your budget.

One of the first decisions you should make is on the type of exhibition stand you are going to install. Are you going all out to make a one off impact at a big national expo, in which case a bespoke exhibition stand may be the way forward?

Or are you hitting several events throughout the year, in which case an adaptable modular exhibition stand, like the Octanorm, might be better. You could even combine both approaches for maximum flexibility.

We also recommend that your exhibition team researches what other businesses have come up with. You will find lots of inspiration online, but attending a prominent event in person, prior to the big day, would be even better.

As the rest of this article will reveal, there are many different elements you can play with to maximise your visibility and appeal to visitors. Even small tweaks here and there can make a big impact.

How to make your exhibition stand out with a centrepiece

One strategy you could consider is designing your exhibition around a centrepiece. This is a bold statement piece that stands out due to its uniqueness. It could be a giant moving robot, a stunning light display, an eye-catching sculpture or an interactive experience.

This approach will almost always attract attention and engagement, but it can be expensive to execute, and you must put adequate thought into how you are going to convert visitors into leads.

Without a centrepiece, you will need to look at combining different elements to create an overall standout impression. These include colour, shape, texture, lighting, movement and interactivity.

Playing with colour, shape and texture

The psychology of colour is fascinating, and could take up a book in its own right. Red, for example, attracts attention faster than any other colour, which is why many famous brands have embraced red in their palettes.

Purple is another colour that tends to turn heads, with its regal and spiritual connotations, while other colours convey more subtle messages. Green is connected with health, wealth and, more recently, the environment. Oranges and yellows can be friendly and welcoming, while blues can signify calm and professionalism.

During your planning exercises, try combining colour with different shapes and textures. Irregular shapes and abrasive textures can create an edgy vibe while smooth curves and soft fabrics will convey a more sensual tone.

Exploring light, movement and interactivity

Lighting can make your offer stand out in myriad ways while enhancing your brand. If you are an antique dealer, some traditional lamps could create intrigue while bathing visitors in a warm glow. If you are selling to young teens, some colourful LEDs might draw them in. It is wise to avoid strobe lighting, for obvious reasons, but dynamic lights that change hue or swivel could be worth looking at.

Movement is almost guaranteed to attract eyeballs, which is why videos and animated sequences are very popular with exhibitors. Augmented reality (AR) is a state-of-the-art technology which superimposes images or animations onto the real word through interaction with a mobile device. For a lower tech alternative, consider setting up a game or challenge that would appeal to your target audience.

Once the creative juices are flowing, you will find all sorts of ideas popping into your head.

How to make your exhibition stand out on a budget

If you are looking to keep costs to a minimum, you can still stand out in subtle ways. For example, you could focus on providing an oasis away from all the hustle and bustle. Placing some comfy seating next to a branded coffee machine could attract people wanting to sit down, relax and recharge.

If, like Nebak, you are invested in providing eco-friendly solutions, you could make a point of using natural and environmentally friendly materials in your exhibition stand.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to make your exhibition stand out.

Nebrak offer both bespoke and modular exhibition stands. With over 30 years’ experience in exhibition design, manufacture and installation, we are the ideal partners for businesses wanting to make a positive and lasting impression.

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