The design and layout of foodservice facilities

The foodservice design process

If this is a new challenge for you, note that the design and layout of foodservice facilities sits in the middle of a strategic process that leads from planning to construction.

This process can be broken down into four broad areas:

  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Design
  • Construction

Planning will include your market research, feasibility study, space analysis and programming, which is a written plan of your foodservice facility design.

The financing calculations will then determine the overall budget your designer will have to work with. Since Nebrak manage all design services internally, we are skilled at staying within our customers’ budgets. However, it makes sense to include a contingency just in case.

Catering Interiors by NebrakLooking at layout

In a way, talking about the design and layout of foodservice facilities is a false distinction, because layout is a major part of the entire design process.

However, there is no point in designing a creative, aesthetically pleasing foodservice area that doesn’t work. Starting with layout will ensure you aren’t distracted by visuals.

As explained in John C. Birchfield’s book, Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities, a foodservice design can be broadly divided into four areas:

  • Receiving
  • Preparation
  • Service
  • Washing

Your industry and market research findings will place some constraints on the size of these areas. For example, if you have a large menu, you will need an equally sizeable prep area. If your foodservice offering is mainly take-away food, your washing area can be minimised.

There are far too many layout variables to cover in an article of this size, but as specialists in foodservice interior design, Nebrak can advise you all the way on creating practical, customer-friendly layouts that maximise spend.

Nebrak Foodservice Catering Interiors

Nebrak Foodservice Catering Interior

Once you’ve decided on your overall layout, you can finalise your equipment choices and add any accessories you need.

As well as functionality, the design and layout of foodservice facilities is also about creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and brand-consistent. This is where graphics and artwork play their part.

Graphics and artwork

While your layout will be constrained by your available space and the need for functionality, the sky is the limit when it comes to graphics and artwork. This covers logos, taglines, signage, colour schemes, lighting and anything else that will give you a unique look to help you stand out from competitors. There are plenty of choices when it comes to materials too, including vinyl, cardboard, wood, metal and printing directly on to walls and floors.

Nebrak Artwork & Graphics

Nebrak have an in-house graphics studio, and all graphic design services are included in your overall service price. We have a wide range of eco-friendly materials to choose from, and use sustainable ink for our printing, without compromising on quality.

The advantage of a turnkey foodservice design solution

Did you know that Nebrak provide a turnkey foodservice design solution that includes everything from initial design concept to final installation? Over time, we have carefully assembled a network of trusted material suppliers, which means we can source high quality, versions of anything our customers might need, including laminates, worktops, decorative wood products, flooring, plastics, ironmongery, signage, furniture fittings and architectural hardware.

This will save you time and money, as well as ensuring accountability, something that can be lacking with multiple parties involved. Bear us in mind for your upcoming foodservice design project.

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