What is the micro market modular system?

What is a micro market?

Let’s explain what a micro market is:

Micro markets are a low-cost, safe, and modern unattended and automated retail and catering solution.  A micro market brings the high street experience to the workplace where the end-user experiences an abundance of refreshment solutions, hot and cold all in one place.

Unrivalled convenience

The micro market has gained popularity, especially in the workplace sector, due to its unrivaled convenience and elimination of the need to leave the site for refreshments.

The compact and modular design of micro markets allows for the effective organization of commercial catering equipment, showcasing a diverse range of meals, snacks, salads, sweets, and drinks. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor offerings to meet consumer preferences, location, and environmental considerations. Additionally, micro markets can include non-food items to diversify revenue streams.

Micro market modular system

Micro markets usually consist of the following elements and increasingly include non-food items as additional revenue streams:

The Micro market system by NebrakThe micro market is open 24/7

A fully automated 24/7 catering solution, micro markets offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks without the need for on-site staff. With diverse payment options such as contactless, credit, debit, prepaid, and company cards, self-checkout transactions are fast, convenient, and secure. Loyalty programs and promotions enhance the high street experience while real-time inventory management ensures responsiveness to demand and trends.

Bridging the gap between vending and managed canteens

Ideal for organisations with 100-500 employees, micro markets bridge the gap between vending and traditional canteens, providing a scalable solution. Suited for various budgets and locations, they cater to the evolving needs of both clients and operators. As a result, this makes them a popular choice for those transitioning from manned canteens.

Nebrak micro market

Employee well-being and hybrid working

Promoting employee well-being and adapting to hybrid work models are essential for fostering a healthy workplace culture. Offering high-quality food and beverages catering to flexible work patterns is now a sought-after perk for both current and potential talent. Employers can fulfill this need through strategic planning and innovation, creating a productive environment with the introduction of a micro market.

Company catering and break solution

Creating break-out areas or wellbeing zones within the workplace provides a unique space for relaxation, collaboration, and informal meetings. Adaptable and attractive catering solutions, such as micro markets, enhance the modern workplace experience, fostering loyalty and greater yield. Nebrak, is an award-winning leader in micro market design. They have been recognised for their commitment to this rapidly growing sector and collaborated with prominent brands, vending operators, and payment technology providers. Watch this micro market installation by Nebrak for Selecta – Europe’s leading provider of food tech, on behalf of their client Man Truck. You will see how the modular micro market comes together and provides the perfect housing for equipment.

Award-winning micro market

Whether you are seeking a catering solution or are in the vending, equipment, or payment technology industry, Nebrak offers expertise in micro market furniture solutions and can provide free design consultation and quotes. Contact Nebrak to explore how micro markets can elevate your workplace refreshment experience. Visit our micro market image gallery for some inspiration.

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