What is exhibition and display design?

What is exhibition and display design? These are two similar but subtly different processes for translating the vision of an exhibitor, company or organisation into reality.

This article looks into both exhibition and display design, including what to look out for when procuring these services.

Exhibition design

As the name suggests, exhibition design companies specialise in design services for exhibition events, but not every company offers the same range of services.

Some may offer a custom exhibition stand design service. This may or may not take into account the wider context of the specific expo in question. The size of the exhibition space (village church, town hall, event arena), purpose of exhibiting (leads, sales, brand awareness) and access to electrical power are just some of the factors that combine to influence exhibition design.

At the other end of the scale (the Nebrak end!), are companies that offer a holistic exhibition design service which includes planning, material sourcing, graphic design and build.

Exhibition Stand by NebrakDisplay design

Whereas companies offering exhibition design services are clearly targeting the expo market, those selling display design services are likely to cater for a wider pool of businesses and organisations.

For example, supermarkets, high street businesses, local stores, cafes, micro markets, pop-up shops and even vending machine operators need to display their products and services.

A decent display design specialist will help these businesses and organisations to brand their premises – inside and out – with quality signage, posters, window displays, wall art, furniture surrounds, decorative trims and more.

We’ve now looked at these two services in isolation, but what is exhibition and display design together useful for?

What is exhibition and display design for?

If an exhibition design company doesn’t mention display, branding or graphic design services, you may find yourself being left to source these services from a third party. This can lead to complications with deadlines, spiraling costs and incompatibility.

Likewise, if a display design company doesn’t specifically mention exhibitions, they may not take into consideration the specific context. You could end up with some fantastic signage or branded stand surrounds that just don’t work within the exhibition venue.

On the other hand, a company offering both exhibition and display design could be worth putting on your shortlist if you are looking to make an impact at an upcoming local, regional or national exhibition.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question: ‘What is exhibition and display design?’ but for further information, please get in touch.

Why choose exhibition and display design services from Nebrak

Nebrak is the ideal choice for businesses and organisations looking for a turnkey solution to the challenge of meeting their exhibition event goals.

Our global experience in the expo world means we understand exactly what contextual questions need to be answered before the design work can begin. How big is the venue? How tall? What is the size of your pitch? How do people flow through the event? What is the lighting like? How many staff will be available to engage with potential leads?

Our 3D and CAD designers will use their state-of-the-art software to help you visualise your exhibition stand in situ. Once design work has been agreed, we can source the materials you need from our established network of niche material specialists.

In terms of artwork and graphics, these services are provided for free as part of our project package, and we have an in-house studio, so there will be no missed deadlines due to supply chain delays.

We round things off by building and installing your exhibition stand and associated furniture to a very high spec.

If you are excited by the idea of a stress-free, comprehensive exhibition and display design service, visit our Custom Design and Installation page and contact us today.

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