How much can vending machines make?

Vending machine purchaseSo, how much can vending machines make?

Ever wondered about the silent revolution happening right under our noses? There are a whopping 15 million vending machines scattered across the globe, quietly offering snacks, drinks, and even tech goodies. These sleek machines are more than just metal boxes – they’re the unsung heroes of convenience and potential business ventures.

And get this – by the time we hit 2030, the global market for vending machines is expected to skyrocket to a mind-boggling 28 billion USD! That’s a staggering number, right? It’s like a financial feast waiting to be explored.

What are vending machines?

A Vending machine is an automated device that provides customers with a diverse range of products.

Vending machines are like your personal shopping assistants, standing tall and ready to serve whenever you need a quick fix. The beauty? No human assistance is required, and they’re available round the clock. From your favourite snacks and refreshing drinks to the latest tech gadgets, these machines are like treasure chests waiting to be explored.

What’s even cooler is that they are super tech-savvy and accept various modes of payment. Forget cash; you can swipe, tap, or scan your way to snacking satisfaction. It’s the future of convenience at your fingertips.

Beyond snacks: The business potential

Now, here’s the kicker – vending machines are not just about satisfying those sudden snack cravings. They’re potential gold mines for entrepreneurs looking to add an extra stream of cash to their pockets. Imagine having a small business that works tirelessly 24/7, bringing in extra money while you kick back and relax.

These machines are more than just dispensers; they are like silent business partners, ready to turn spare change into cold, hard cash. So, if you’re ever daydreaming about a side hustle, vending machines might just be the secret ingredient to your success.

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The cash talk: How much can vending machines make?

Now, onto the juicy stuff – the cash talk! Making money with vending machines might sound like a dreamy idea, but trust me, it’s totally within reach. The catch? The amount you make depends on two big factors: where your vending machine hangs out and what it’s offering.

Picture this: If your machine is chilling in a bustling spot like a university, chances are you’ll have a steady flow of customers. More customers mean more profits for you. It’s like a financial equation where location equals magic money.

On the flip side, if your machine is in a quiet corner with fewer passersby, the cash flow might be a bit more modest. It’s all about understanding the dance between location and foot traffic.

Surveying the scene: What the pros found out

Curious minds always want to know the facts, right? A survey by the Hustle based on chatting with 23 vending machine champions spilled the beans on the money scoop.

The verdict? On average, each machine rakes in about $309 a month. Now, that’s not pocket change!

But, here’s the twist – the exact amount can sway a bit, playing hide-and-seek in the financial landscape. It all boils down to where your machine sets up shop and what tantalising treats it’s sharing with the world.

Vending machines most likely won’t make you rich, but they can be a great source of side income.

In today’s time, when you are already running a successful business, it won’t harm to consider a second source of income. So, adding vending machines to your business property could be a win-win!

Wrapping it up

Vending machines can be an excellent source of side income for your business. If you are looking to add a second source of income, vending machines can be your go-to choice! It’s also about adding experience, and the key here is understanding the symbiotic relationship between location, product offerings, and consumer behavior.

Venture into the world of vending machines with the confidence that, when played right, you can expect an average return of $300 per machine – and potentially even more! It’s not just about snacks and cash; it’s about strategically elevating your business’s financial landscape.

Embrace the power of vending machines and watch as they become more than just profit generators – they become the architects of a dynamic and immersive business experience.


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Author: Emilia Jacobs is the Innovation Lead at Connect Vending, bringing together communities and making a difference, through unattended retail solutions.

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