How to attract people to your exhibition stand

Melitta Exhibition Stand by Nebrak

Be different – but in the right way

While researching how to attract people to your exhibition stand, you will probably come across the advice to ‘be different’. But what does that mean in practice?

In our companion article about how to make your exhibition stand out, we ran through several suggestions including designing a quirky centrepiece that visitors would be unable to ignore. In many cases, the bigger your centrepiece is, the more heads you will turn.

The thoughtful application of colour, especially if red is involved, can also work wonders, as can the use of novel or unusual textures and shapes. In most cases, it is the overall combination of elements that attracts attention. That’s why we recommend you include an experienced exhibition designer in your team.

How about light, sound and movement? Even scent can draw attention (e.g. an aromatic stand at a cooking or gardening exhibition). The more senses you can appeal to, the more likely it will be that people take notice.

There’s a caveat though. In your eagerness to make a statement, remember that some people are actually turned off by too many flashing lights, bells and whistles. Think about your target audience and their preferences.

Get the quality/quantity equation right

In your efforts to attract people to your exhibition stand, don’t take your eye off your commercial reason for attracting people. It may be fun being the centre of attention but there is little point spending time and money in setting up a crowd-drawing stand, only to find out that visitors are not interested in your product or service.

Again, it comes down to your audience. If your target buyer is an older, affluent person with refined taste, investing in high quality materials for your decor might be the best strategy to attract relevant leads.

Understand space and footfall

Thinking about how to attract people to your exhibition stand can often involve footfall and layout as much as design. Always remember that your exhibition stand is a small part of a larger design – that of the event venue as a whole.

Here’s a useful exercise: the next time you visit an exhibition (or even a market), be aware of where you choose to go. Do you head immediately for the most eye-catching stand or stall in the building? Do you follow an orderly pattern so you know you won’t miss anything? Or do you wander randomly, waiting for something to draw your attention?

Observe other people in the venue. How do they navigate the space? How can you apply your findings to your next exhibition?

One factor that could influence the number of visitors you have could be your proximity to a food vendor. If people have to queue beside your exhibition stand for something to eat, you could find yourself with a captive market.

Choose your partners wisely

Exhibition design is a specialist niche, and you will have to take multiple factors into consideration before beginning your build. When sourcing exhibition design partners, make sure you choose a company with a record of producing high quality results.

With over 30 years’ experience in exhibition design, manufacture and installation, you can be sure Nebrak will have plenty of ideas about how to attract people to your exhibition stand. We can provide a turnkey service which includes:

  • initial planning and consultation
  • modelling, using 3D/CAD technology
  • graphic design
  • sourcing quality materials
  • high spec installation

Every business is different, so the answer to your question of how to attract people to your exhibition stand will vary accordingly. Contact Nebrak to find out how we can help you with your upcoming expo.

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