Nebrak wins Best New Product at the Vendies 2024

Nebrak Vendies Award Winners 2024

The Refreshment Destination Collection is a winner!

We are thrilled to announce that Nebrak’s Refreshment Destination Collection has won the prestigious Best New Product award at The Vendies 2024! This recognition celebrates excellence and innovation within the UK vending and automated retail industry. The category was open to any new product launched in the vending market, and the Refreshment Destination emerged as a clear winner for its exceptional features and industry impact.

Key features and innovations

One of the standout qualities of the Refreshment Destination is its sleek, plug-and-play design. This fuss-free turnkey solution is perfect for vending operators and their clients, ensuring an effortless setup and operation. Additionally, the collection includes four distinct solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces. The designs offer premium housing for the latest vending equipment and emerging technologies, making the units easy to manufacture, deliver, and install with minimal maintenance.

Each unit in the Refreshment Destination collection is individually crafted, allowing it to be easily relocated, refreshed, repurposed, or expanded in the future. This flexibility demonstrates Nebrak’s commitment to pushing the boundaries and changing the perception of vending through the continuous evolution of its vending furniture solutions.

Adaptability and flexibility

The Refreshment Destination’s adaptability is a game-changer for vending operators who must tailor their offerings. It also provides an easy solution for facilities managers and specifiers looking for an all-in-one refreshment solution.

Each unit includes:

  • Space for a barista-style coffee machine
  • Smart water tap
  • Heating station
  • Integrated litter chute/recycling
  • Media screen
  • LED lighting
  • Neon signage
  • Branding and graphics
  • Choice from over 300+ materials and finishes
  • Condiments unit
  • Storage

Other features in the collection include:

  • An under-counter fridge for kitchenette-style solutions.
  • Housing for vending machines or smart fridges, offering fresh food.
  • Additional retail shelving with The Elite, perfect for ambient and non-food items.

Each design is tailored to the client’s equipment specifications, featuring finishes that complement existing interiors, reflect brand identity, or make a bold statement. Customisable branding and graphics also ensure that every Refreshment Destination offers a unique, premium refreshment experience. Nebrak also received a Highly Commended award for its print and branding services. They can now proudly offer a truly award-winning turnkey solution. Choose from The Original, The Integra, The Classy and The Elite designs.

Efficiency and sustainability

Beyond enhancing user experience, the Refreshment Destination Collection integrates sustainable wood materials and durable solid surface worktops. This reflects Nebrak’s commitment to environmental responsibility, including components that can be recycled or repurposed, and eco-friendly LED lighting. Moreover, partnering with suppliers dedicated to a circular economy and sustainability leadership aligns Nebrak’s manufacturing with current market demands for sustainable solutions.

Positive market reception

Since its launch, the Refreshment Destination has garnered positive feedback from industry professionals and end-users alike. Furthermore, Nebrak showcased the award-winning collection earlier this year at the Workspace Design Show at the London Business Centre. Its impact on the market has been notable, especially among facilities managers, architects, specifiers, and estate managers. Nebrak aims to redefine workplace refreshment and position vending and automated retail at the forefront of workspace design. They will return to the Workspace Design Show in 2025 with a new solution tailored to the evolving refreshment needs of modern workplaces.

Market influence

The Refreshment Destination enables vending operators to leverage their offer. Besides this, it provides the perfect housing for the latest in equipment innovations such as the Aqua Libre Flavour Tap. It offers new opportunities for food and beverage brands and clients seeking tailored refreshment solutions. Its customisable features and premium finishes set new industry standards in vending and automated retail interiors. The aim is to create refreshment experiences unique to each client.

Setting a benchmark

Nebrak’s Refreshment Destination Collection has set a new benchmark in the vending and automated retail industry by winning the Best New Product award at The Vendies 2024. This innovative collection redefines workplace refreshment solutions and showcases Nebrak’s commitment to sustainability, adaptability, and premium design.

Solve your workplace refreshment dilemma

Building on their expertise, Nebrak is developing new workplace refreshment solutions, aiming to combine functionality with cutting-edge commercial interior finishes specifically for the workplace. Find out how Nebrak could solve your workplace refreshment dilemma here.

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